Prego YO-YO???

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Prego YO-YO???

Post by fedge » Sat Apr 01, 2006 1:03 pm

Well I bought these babies (pack of three) about 2 or 3 years ago now... One grew fast and big.. the other just more ornately decorated. The last one is about 3" also but its stripes are mutted --at least developed that way as the fish matured. They are more compact and I have finally come to the conclusion that she is female. So I will refer to her as a she from now on. The last week or two I have noticed that she is ALWAYS FAT!!! And getting fatter! The loaches are always skinny before a feeding in the morning but she is ALWAYS FAT. I will post pics later. It is funny I highly doubt that they will lay any eggs...that wont get eaten. But it is funny. I noticed that her coloration like i said is always muted around the otehr loaches. I think this is a sex trait. So if you wonder if one of your loaches is female maybe that is a clue. However, if there is more than one female I have no way of telling if the coloration theory would hold. The female is very aggressive and territorial when feeding.. she will sometimes turn almost white and fight the other loaches if they start to greedily dig in her vacinity.

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Re: Prego YO-YO???

Post by SondraT » Thu Apr 13, 2006 10:31 pm

Hi, I have 3 yo-yos and have one that looks similar to the fish you described. This particular yo-yo was always very fat, while the other two were not, and very light in color as you described. It would eagerly follow the other two yo-yos around the tank all day long. Then suddenly, about 3 months ago, it wasn't fat anymore. It stayed that way until a few days ago (I just added live plants to the tank 5 days ago) when I noticed it was fat again :D

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