Fishing techniques for highlands lakes and streams

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Fishing techniques for highlands lakes and streams

Post by ClintBarton » Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:09 am


We are planning a 6 days hiking and wild camping in the highlands between Ullapool and Kinlochewe im late may and we are wondering about the possibility for us to fish and eventually catch one or two trouts to accomodate our dinner.
I am the only one with a (very little) experience in fishing and we would only bring one rod and some spinnerbaits / swimbaits. We don't have fly fishing equipment and don't plan on investing for the moment.
Do you know if we can catch something in the Highlands with spinnerbaits and basic swimbaits? I read that permits are required to fish on most lakes and streams. How (and where?) can we get such permits as we would only be walking from lake to lake?

Please help.

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