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Calendar sound notification bug when using MPE

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:12 am
by faisalahmed
Hello since,
I have updated to LineageOS (fresh install) on my
Xaomi Redmi note 3

I have a bug with the sound notification from the calendar in android.

Here what happen step by step.

Factory reset of the phone & wiping the necessary partitions
installing either LineageOS, SlimRoms (currently running), or OmniRom.
Set a notification ringtone in the calendar apps and set an test event with a reminder inside it.
Put the phone on sleep and wait.
The phone wake-up at the time of reminder time. and the ringtone play.
Delete the test event.
Install the desktop 1.8.8 & client 1.0.41 of MPE
create an event either in outlook or directly in the android calendar app with a reminder.
Put the phone on sleep and wait.
the bug: The phone wake-up for half a second and play the ringtone for half a second and then go back in sleep mode..

First I was thinking it was a bug from Lineage os and I open a ticket
but like it's happen with other roms based on Android 7.. the bug come from somewhere else, MPE ??

Re: Calendar sound notification bug when using MPE

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 4:07 am
by MajidMaskati
Have Your tried master resetting your device? If not then do it. It would be the last step to fix a bug on any device. It happened most of the time after new update of firmware so its nothing to be worried about. Let me know if the problems still occur. I will let you know the secret tips that I tried on my EssaywritingAe website.