Shrimp/crab molting

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Shrimp/crab molting

Post by andyroo » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:45 am

In a tank with (the likes of) loaches with sneaky, gluttonous little ways and a curious nature, how do your shrimp fare during molting?
Mine (>2" - >4" fan shrimp) are holding their own nicely now and have been for a good while, but I wonder what's going to happen when a/the molt comes. I also wonder if a molt has already occurred- I've seen cast shells but don't know what the outcome was as my shrimp are very cryptic. The cast shell was gobbled up over a day or two, I'm not sure who did it though.

I've got lots of little refuge spots: bamboo, slate, plants and stones.

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