Yo-Yo Loach and Leaf Fish

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Yo-Yo Loach and Leaf Fish

Post by KRoth » Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:46 am

Hello All,

Does anyone know if Yo-Yo loaches are posionous? Trying to solve the mystery of who ate who and what killed what. I leave my juvenile fish in a 5 gallon tank until they get big enough to fend in the 40 gallon and later moved to a 75 gallon. My juvenile leaf fish and my yo-yo loach where in the tank with about 2 dozen white cloud minnows and a dozen ghost shrimp. I left for a week and when I cam back I had a dead leaf fish and no yo-yo loach. I am certain that the leaf fish ate the yo-yo but I am wondering if like their cousins the clown loach they are also posionous. Thanks for the replies.


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