TBAS Annual Fish Auction 1.22.2011

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TBAS Annual Fish Auction 1.22.2011

Post by starsplitter7 » Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:48 pm

Hi there,

I have been noticing more people from theTampa Bay area on loaches.com, so I wanted to announce the TBAS (Tampa Bay Aquarium Society) annual auction will be on Saturday, January 22, 2011. Doors open at 8 AM, and the auction begins at 10 AM. It is open to the public, and anyone can bid on the fish and dry goods available. It is at the University of South Florida in Tampa. http://tbas1.com/TBASpages/auction2010.html

I would recommend this auction to anyone in Florida, because there will be over 400 bags of fish available and dry goods like food, filters, sump equipment, and the prices will be great. I intend to auction some of my Bristlenose fry and mollies. I posted this in the freshwater section, because generally there are few loaches available. The president of the club estimates around 3-6 bags. But there should be a great variety of cichlids, livebearers and catfish with unusual varieties available. This is a great way for people in Florida to have access to unusual, beautiful, healthy fish. Over 100 people attended last year, and they are predicting the auction will be bigger this year with lots of incredible donations to be bid on.

There's current info on the forum http://tbas1.wiredtron.com/index.php?topic=1059.0

Even if you are not a member, you can enter fish to auction, and maybe make a little money. If you email Dre before the 19th, you qualify for the 70/30 split. After the 19th, you can still bring things to the auction, but you only get a 50/50 split. Instructions in the first link.

After the auction I will put pictures on here, so people can see some of the fish that were available. This is my first big fish auction, and they have had fish auctions since 1994. I have never been to a big auction, but I have particpated in the monthly meeting auctions and sold BN fry and Cherry shrimp. Pretty cool!

TBAS also has their big fish show in February, so I will post pictures from that event too.

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