Advice on Bullying?

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Advice on Bullying?

Post by vealboy » Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:47 pm

I posted this same question on another forum, but I also wanted to get some insight from you all here:

I have a single Guianacara sphenozona, that is 2-3 years old and about 6"long. I do not know if it is male or female, but I suspect it is male due to it's aggression toward tankmates. He will often be chasing the two Green Severums (each about 4-5") or poking at the two Clown Loaches (each 4-5"). I also witnessed him chasing and nipping at former tankmates, now deceased (2 Gold Gouramis, 2Thorichthys sp. "Blue Mixteco" , 1 'Geophagus' steindachneri). I never saw him chasing the smaller Red Eye Tetra in the tank, or bother with the pleco.

So my question(s) is this, is he just a bully, or is this something else? Does he need more Guianacara sphenozona in there with him? Does he need to be in a tank alone? Should I look to re-home him? Any insight to this would be greatly apprecieated.

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Re: Advice on Bullying?

Post by jordan » Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:19 pm

im no fish exspert lol but have you got a lot of room in your tank so thay can spred out and hav pleny of room becouse if not that could be why fish do like there own space like us and if thay are to crowderd then thay will fight speciley if he is a bully he will be more worse if he hasent the room

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Re: Advice on Bullying?

Post by KittyKat » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:45 am

What are the dimensions of the tank and are you 100% sure that you have a Guianacara sphenozona? G. sphenozona usually have a high aggression towards members of their own species, but are peaceful with others and usually don't grow that large! It would be great if you could post a photo of the fish in question.
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