Advice on to add or not to add more

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Advice on to add or not to add more

Post by Bluebird » Sun Jun 08, 2014 12:30 pm

Hello everyone! My aquarium just looks empty to me! lol
Maybe that is because the khulies stay in our fake grass, that they don't look to take up space, and the pleco only visits at night.

I have a 75 gallon

5 clowns
-4 female guppies and their young-7 fry (now developing tails and colour)
--4 silver hatchets
-5 khulie loaches
-one pleco (rubber nose)
- 1 male betta
5 dwarf rainbows

My bf and I were hoping to add more rainbows to make a better school- or the bigger rainbows? Would that be too many fish or do we still have the space?
Here is a current photo of the tank.


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Re: Advice on to add or not to add more

Post by Diana » Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:08 pm

If you are having no trouble keeping the NO3 low, then there is room for more fish.
However, the fish you have (Clown Loaches) will grow in size, and Guppies will reproduce (unless you have all males) so your bioload will increase even if you do not buy more fish.

Dwarf Neon Rainbow males can be quite nasty toward the females. If you want more, get females.
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Happy fish keeping!

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Re: Advice on to add or not to add more

Post by Direwolf82 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:16 pm

That is totally up to how often do you want to do water changes and how much filter you have going on.
I have a 55 gal standard tank and by almost everyone's estimation my
2 angels ~7 inch tall
5 clowns between 2 ~5inch
4 striata ~5inch
2 zipper loaches ~3 inch
3 blue bota ~4inch
9 hillstreams various size and species
1 killi ~5inch
2 hatchets ~2inch
18 tetras various types all ~2.5inch
6 oto cats
6 algae eaters range from 3 inch to 6 inch
2 cory cats
1 rasbora (the oldest fish I have, five years and still going strong despite having an extremely curved broken looking back)
3 mollies ~2.5inch
are entirely to much fish for the system.
All the fish are happy and active, eating, growing and breeding, I also have tons of hiding places, good amount of plants, an HOB filter rated for a 75 gallon and a canister filter rated for a 150 gallon tank, co2 and 4 airstones.My water stays clean, looking and testing, and I do a twenty five to fifty percent change once or twice a week. I am by no means an expert but my personal experience says if your willing to put the work in you can succeed with an "overloaded" tank, as long as individual fish have enough room to swim freely. I will be upgrading to the 110 gal six foot tank sitting in the garage soon, but only because the clowns are getting too big for the 55. The 55 has been set up for 5 years, always with at least fifty or sixty fish. Less fish =less work. More fish=more filters and work. pick your poison and enjoy!!

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