Favorite LFS for loaches in SF east bay area?

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Favorite LFS for loaches in SF east bay area?

Post by Batch » Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:07 pm

Recently relocated to Berkeley. Looking for recommendations for LFS in the east bay. Heavy emphasis on loaches and FW gobies
Thanks for your help.


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Re: Favorite LFS for loaches in SF east bay area?

Post by Diana » Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:43 pm

The first 5 places are worth the trip.

Albany Aquarium is top of the line. They quarantine all new fish. They occasionally have Loaches and Gobies.

Aqua Forest in San Francisco is very high quality, but not so great for the larger fish. This is the Amano store, specializing in planted tanks. I have occasionally seen some Gobies there.

Ocean Aquarium on Cedar in San Francisco is a fabulous place. A real old 'Mom 'n' Pop' store with a LOT of tanks. Never know what you will find, and worth the trip!

Neptunes in San Jose almost always has Gobies, and usually has some of the smaller Loaches. They keep up their web site pretty well, most of the time. Very good place.

Aquaraium Concepts in Dublin. The guy means well, and often has several Loaches and Gobies, but quarantine these fish! I think he salts the water, too. I test the water in the bag, and fish from this store could be quarantined in my brackish water tank.

All the rest are not so good. If you are in the area check them out, but do not expect much:
All About Fish, Pacheco. Going down hill. Emphasizing salt water.
All the other stores in the San Jose area: Not worth a trip, but if you are already going down there for some other reason look into King. I would not bother with the others.
Concord Aquarium always seems one or more tank has Ich. Good prices, though.
Connies in Castro Valley is nice for pond fish, but I have seen too many sick fish in the tropical tanks.
Pet Smart on Willow Pass Rd, Concord is one of the better ones, but I don't recall seeing Loaches or Gobies.
There are several stores in the Sacramento area. If you are going that way check them out. I am not as familiar with their usual stock to say which store has what. Aqua Workz is good. Aquarium depot is OK.
In Davis, Reefs to Rivers seems to have a good reputation, but I was not impressed.
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Re: Favorite LFS for loaches in SF east bay area?

Post by NancyD » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:53 pm

Welcome to the west coast Batch. There's also 6th Ave SF, definitely on the must QT list (but all are to me), I've only been once. It's a flower shop/fish store where you catch your own fish from very small tanks; interesting, lol.They did have clowns, sids, pangios & mixed hillies.

For loaches & gobies I'd vote Albany, Ocean & Neptune's; AC in Dublin does get interesting loaches sometimes.

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