please help! maggots??

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Post by Morpheus » Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:44 am

san-ho-zay wrote:
Just make sure you match the temps close enough
and use a good water conditioner like Seachem Prime.

BTW, have you heard of a python? Many newer aquarists dont do
waterchanges since they are a PITA. But they also dont know about the
Python, which attaches to a nearby sink and will drain and fill your tank via
a hose and you dont have to carry buckets or anything like that.
How do you achieve the first using the second?
The way I do it when I change water with a python is I get the temp at the faucet pretty close to what the water temp is in the tank, I find using the back of my hand works best for me... Then when I am filling the tank I keep the head of the python submerged, stick my hand in the tank, and you will be able to feel even the slightest difference in temp of the water coming out of the python to the water thats in your tank.. Make slight adjustments and keep checking until it matches.

Thats just how I do it though..

Thanks moonpye :D
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Post by crazy loaches » Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:52 pm

Yeah usually the hand method is good enough. I however opt to use a digital thermometer like the kind you use to poke a roast for cooking. They were on sale for like $3 at the grocery store and I bought two of them, one for cooking and one for aquariums. They are instant read, they only require a few seconds to level out.

What I do with the python... I shut off the valve and set the unit to drain. Turn the faucet on half hot half cold, water will run out the bottom. I have a small cup I use for aquarium stuff, melting frozen fish food, etc, and I place it under to catch the water. I set the thermo in this cup. If I make a change to the faucet I dump out the water, wait a little bit for it to settle out, then take a reading again. Its usually pretty easy to get within 1*F, I often do it either on the first try or the second.

Also with this method it is recommended that you dose your water conditioner for the whole tank rather than just how much water your changing. Some feel this costs more for conditioner, but if your using Prime, from a cheap online source, and get a larger bottle, it will cost a small fraction of what something like Stress Coat from the LFS will.

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Post by JWhipple » Wed Jul 02, 2008 4:10 pm

I hate to dig up an old thread, BUT, why does it seem that when I use any type of algae killer chemicals that I get a blizzard of planaria out of the filtration system on one of my tanks?

I realize that it's from overfeeding - not from undercleaning in my case though...

But what is it about the algae killer? I've used both Advanced Algae Destroyer and Tetra Algae Control and both of them seem to "flush them out".

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