low grade ick infestation??

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low grade ick infestation??

Post by qumqats » Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:56 pm

Can you have a low grade ick infestation?


) fish only occasionally doing flashes
) no white spots on fish

no visible signs

but it’s there and weakening the fish so that they die of OTHER opportunistic diseases.

I've had some unexplained deaths.

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Post by chefkeith » Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:08 pm

Yes, Ich can be hidden in the gills for many many months or maybe even years. That's why many people quarantine new fish. Some, like myself, may even prophylactic treat the new fish for internal and external parasites while in quarantine. I think of prophylactic treatments as a form of birth control for parasites. Others may think prophylactic treatments are wasteful. I think of it as being proactive though. Better safe, than sorry IMO, especially if you've made a large investment in the main fish aquariums.

Anyways, Ich or other parasites can cause bacterial infections in the gills, and the fish can die off without any warning signs.

Other things can cause unexplained deaths also. Like toxic metals or rocks leaching, Old Tank Syndrom, osmotic shock from large water changes, aggression from tankmates, and probably a few more things I could think of. IMO, most deaths can atleast hypothetically be explained.

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