Posting questions on the Fish Health & Treatment forum

This forum is for all health-related questions on Loaches and other freshwater fish.

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Posting questions on the Fish Health & Treatment forum

Post by Emma Turner » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:58 am

Welcome to the Fish Health & Treatment forum.

If you have a health problem with any of your fish, whether it be loaches or any other freshwater fish, please copy and paste the following along with your answers. This will help the other forum members to build up a picture of what is happening in your tank and will aid in a more prompt diagnosis and treatment recommendation:

* Type of fish that are affected (common name and latin name if possible - common names vary worldwide, latin names don't!).
* How long has the tank been set up for?
* Size of tank (dimensions and volume).
* How is the tank being filtered?
* Water temperature.
* Your maintenance regime (e.g. how often water changes are carried out, what percentage of the water is changed each time, how often you clean your filter/s and how do you do this?)
* Has anything new been added to the tank recently? (fish, plants, live food, decor etc).
* What other fish are in the tank?
* As detailed a description as possible of the symptoms the fish are exhibiting (remember a photograph can speak a thousand words).
* How long ago the affected fish were added to the tank, and how long the fish have been displaying symptoms.
* Your current water parameters - ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH (please don't say 'my water is fine, the levels are ok', we would like actual numbers from the test results).

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