Clowns ill after tank change

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Clowns ill after tank change

Post by tmcmullen » Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:50 pm

I moved up from a 55 to a 75 gallon tank. Used the same water from the old tank, but new rock. My clowns have cloudy eyes and are very lethargic. They aren't eating (day 2). They don't come out of their hiding places unless I make them by moving the driftwood and other structure. They aren't sticking together like they had always done before. They are about 9 years old (maybe 10).

I've added Stress Zyme. Water is testing at 10ppm Nitrate, 2.0 Nitrite, and the other levels are in normal range.

I'm using MarOxy for the eye cloud and Aquarisol to ward off any ich that may want to attack. What else should I do?

Last water change was yesterday evening - 25%.

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