Using Harka-Verm for Levimisole Treatment

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Using Harka-Verm for Levimisole Treatment

Post by cybermeez » Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:58 pm

Hi guys. Long time no see.

A clown I've had for some time no has developed what I think is skinny disease. He has the classic hollowness behind the gills, lethargy etc. I have some very old (expired in 2006) Levasole sheep boluses that I began dosing him with last night until I can get a hold of some new stuff. The boluses are such a hassle and the water is so cloudy today that I can't even see the fish in the q-tank.

Now that levamisole is virtually impossible to find in the US, I've had to resort to ordering a bird medication from the UK called Harka-Verm. based on what I've read, its active ingredient is 80mg leavmisole per 1ml. I did a search through the archives and didn't find mention of it in any posts. Has anybody used this and was the dose in keeping with Shari's Levamisole article here on LOL?

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