Am I overfeeding my clown loach??

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Am I overfeeding my clown loach??

Post by Astonj » Tue May 04, 2010 1:16 pm

Hey guys, this is my first time here so hello to you all! So I was wondering if i am overfeeding my clown loach. I have 4 and they are all about 2" roughly. I feed them two times a day, roughly 7am and 7pm and feed them either half a hikari algae wafer and some daphnia or a sinking tablet. I ask this because when I look at my clown loach's bellies they seem a bit large and when I look at them side on there bellies seem to poke out a big between the fin at the front and the fin more towards the back on the bottom of the fish. So looking at them side on you can see a little bulge of their stomachs but its not like bulging on the side, I can also see the like silvery lining of what I presume is their stomach however on all my clown loach ive always been able to see this so I think this is normal! So yeah thanks guys

P.S. I know this is reposted but I accidently did it in the wrong category!! Sorry :p

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