Growth/swelling on Danio lips?

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Growth/swelling on Danio lips?

Post by fain » Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:51 pm

I recently noticed a swelling/growth on the lips of one of my zebra danio. It is very small, and she hasn't changed her behavior in the least. She still eats well, and is very active.

She has been living rather comfortably with 5 other danio for the past month and a half, and 4 young Histrionica loaches for the last two weeks.

I took her out of the main tank and placed her into a Q-tank with a pair of ghost shrimp last week and have been monitoring her every day. The bump hasn't changed much from what I can see(she is very fast). She has actually become gravid while in the Q-tank so she is obviously happy.

What could be causing the bump? Is it actually a problem that justifies quarantine?

I also noticed that one of the other danio in the main tank has a slightly swollen lip. I think this was caused by trying to steal food from the loaches however. He is often trying to snatch food out of their mouths and I wouldn't be surprised if he hurt himself while doing so.

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