US Levamisole Source

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US Levamisole Source

Post by starsplitter7 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:22 am

I have found it very difficult to find Levamisole in the US. It turns out a member of my fish club sells it and will ship it nationwide. I know he ships filters internationally, so international members can ask if he can ship the Levamisole. I think there may be legal reasons why it isn't possible.

If you are unfamiliar with Levamisole, it treats multitudes of wormy parasites in loaches.

One bottle treats 500 gallons, can be store in the fridge once it is mixed with water and will last 6 months once it is mixed.

It is $35 (shipping included for the US).
From Joe's website "Levamisole Hydrochloride: Great for Angelfish, Discus, Guppies - any fish that is bloated, thin or will not eat. The product comes in a glass bottle and is pre measured to treat 500 gallons of aquarium water. If you want to treat smaller volumes use at the rate of 2 mls. per 10 gallons or 4 drops per gallon. Keep the lights off and 36-48 hours later do a water change. This is adsorbed into the fish right from the water. No need to add it to the food. Effective against Capillaria and Camallanus just to name a few."

Shari's article on Levamisole in relation to loaches. ... chloride-1

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