poss egg bound loach

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poss egg bound loach

Post by lexydunbar » Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:02 pm

Hi I am new to this forum and could do with some expert advice, I have had my yoyo loaches for
nearly six years with no issues and I mean no issues until now.....
I have a 5inch loach who since Monday has grown so large in her abdomen area I think she may
burst - not sure whats going on but have treated as follows, peas in case constipated - nowt
still got bigger parasite medication for the tank and cleaned the tank out last night 30% water change
and added swim bladder and salts as a precaution - now joy still seems to have got bigger yet again.

I have a photo do not know how to add it but she is huge she looks like she swallowed a golf ball.

Would love some input as she is no better today infact seems to be getting bigger if that was possible.

All other fish seem to be fine, but she was doing a dance with another yoyo loach last week.

Thank you in advance - Sue

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