setting up a QT for hillstream loaches

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setting up a QT for hillstream loaches

Post by garyg » Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:27 pm

Hi all, I need some advice on setting up an effective QT tank for hillstream loaches

I am keeping a small air driven corner filter with ceramic noodles in the sump of my river tank, I have a 60 litre tank for QT with a power head (1500 l/h), so when the fish come the idea is to drip-acclimate them from the river tank while moving water, some rocks and the filter over from the main tank. Or is it better to keep the qt running permanently with some small danios/cories.

I sometimes wander if you are not causing more stress by putting them into a small Qt ? but then I have had a lot of bad luck with patchy disease
,lost a lot of fish because I didn't have a QT setup?

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