aquarium chillers

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aquarium chillers

Post by Babakapusta » Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:25 am

Hi, I just lost my two dojo loaches. They were about 12 years old. I'm heartbroken over this. It was my fault they died. Can you help me? We have been having a terrible hot spell this summer. I try to change the water in my cold water aquarium every week. It's a 40 gallon tank. I don't fill it completely so I can add cold water to it in the middle of the week. I also throw ice cubes in the water when it is terribly hot. Problem is, the tank is in my computer room which is not air conditioned. I just have a fan in it. I don't use the lights when it is really hot.

My tank got a leak in it. I emptied it out but I put my fish in a 30 gallon tank on the back porch while I cleaned and fixed the leak in my new tank. My porch is enclosed and unheated and full of sun. I completely covered all but one side of the tank with paper shopping bags. The side I could see into was not facing the sun. Anyway, one loach died a couple of days ago.

The silicone was dry and I put water in my tank the day before yesterday to see if it would leak. Yesterday I planned on putting my fish back in the 40 gallon tank. I couldn't find my remaining loach until I looked in the kitty litter pan on the floor next to the tank. It appears he jumped out. My cats were inside the house until I got home so they couldn't have gone fishing for him.

When I was at the pet store the man there told me about aquarium chillers. I new pet stores had them but I didn't know they were available for individual aquariums. I looked online and found some. Most are way more than I can afford, I'm on Social Security but I saw a few that I might be able to buy that cost around $100.

Can anyone recommend a chiller? Do any of you use them? I have my tank filled to about 5 inches from the top. I just bought 3 baby golden loaches. How high can they jump. I didn't know they jumped at all. I've got my big tank with big fish covered because I have seen them jump and bang their heads but at least they weren't cat food.

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Re: aquarium chillers

Post by LoachFan439 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:48 am

Unfortunately the cost of chillers is extremely expensive in the hobby. I think this is primarily because the market for chillers are large saltwater aquarium keepers who have a lot of money to spend. The fact that most of these units are basically air conditioners make these very expensive as well.

Mainstream wise - the more reliable and more expensive chillers are JBJ Lighting. The best way to acquire a cheap chiller would be to make one yourself or find a used one from a local aquarist society.

The best source online to learn how to make DIY aquarium equipment is the King of DIY. He is such a great resource and actually has a video about making your own chiller. Here is the link to the video:

To me, this would be the best way to get a cheap chiller. Trying to buy cheaper than a JBJ new would mean risking it going to a Chinese seller. The video supplied would build a chiller for a 55 gallon tank and you can use a powerhead or canister filter to power the chiller

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Re: aquarium chillers

Post by Bas Pels » Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:12 pm

putting the pot of a filter in a fridge will do the chilling for you

Assuming you already got a filter, you will onoly need a fridge. As this fridge will be drilled (drill the door, else you might harm things best left as they are) you might want to find a dedicated fridge. Which might be needed only for a few days, when it is really hot.

The costs? I can get a used fridge for 50 euros - that is around 60 US $ - in the Netherlands

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