Clown loach looking really sad- Help?

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Clown loach looking really sad- Help?

Post by lumpycamel » Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:24 am

One of my two clown loaches are sick, the other one seems 100%. These guys are only about 6-7cms long. I’ve attached a photo. His fins seem to still be there, just flattened, and his tail is a little ragged. I’ve not seen anybody pick on him. Because of the white-ish looking patches I googled and it seemed like it might be Ich, and the LFS agreed, so I medicated the whole tank with Marine Blue multicure (malachite green, methylene blue and acriflavine) and used the dosing rate for loaches just two days ago. Since then it looks like brown algae (diatoms?) have set in, and I lost a yoyo loach (7cms) last night. He didn’t look unwell before.  Just now I can see another yoyo lying down and breathing fast. A few days ago one of the guppies looked droopy and went super skinny and died. Because it was only one I didn’t think too much of it.
I’ve googled like crazy, but I’m not finding anything decisive enough. Salt, no salt, get rid of the medication?
I’ve got a 200 litre tank, two clowns of 6-7cms, four Yoyos of the same size, a small handful of guppies and tetras and three dwarf gourami. They all seem to have loads of space.
Substrate is round gravel, we just changed it over from sand last week because algae looking stuff seemed to want to grow in the sand? We have a dozen or so live plants, some water lettuce and a bunch of hornwort. I only feed them every second or third day, sometimes flakes and sometimes bloodworm.
The tank has been set up for a month or so, not using a brand new filter. We have hard water where we live, I use a chlorine removal solution every water change.
I’ve been googling still for hours straight now- is it likely this is actually a parasite problem? Off to LPS to get proper water readings.

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