API Fungus Cure ( Loach Safe?)

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API Fungus Cure ( Loach Safe?)

Post by hmb1997 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:12 pm

Hi I am New so I am sorry if I do something wrong.

I have a 30 gallon tank with 4 Loach 1 black Kuhli and 3 Banded Kuhli, 2 Dwarf Gourami, and 13 Guppies.
I ordered some Guppies offline a few days ago and I looked and has been fine. A long time ago I had a guppie that randomly got cotton fungus after buying fish from pet smart ( a different tank) . Well 2 days ago I had noticed one of my new guppies looked like it was starting to form cotton fungus on one of its fins, I separated it into a separate 10 gal tank with API Fungus cure. Yeah it died a day later, then I had the same thing happen with another new guppy it had a white spot on its lip and its body appeared to have nips or cuts. Yeah well same thing happened again it died in the quarantine tank. Well right now all my fish look fine BUT I do NOT want this to continue and continue and continue till they all die. What I want to know is API fungus cure safe for loaches? It has no warnings on it literally at all and its all that I have at the moment, I would like to put a dose in my community tank to be safe. The ingredients are 3mg Victoria Green and 30mg Acriflavine. The box directions say to put one packet per every 10 gallons. The website has literally no information about if its safe or not. I have looked online and see no ther info, I see someone asked the same question as me and all the answers are people saying idk but I recommend this or that or this. I also want to know should I do the full dose or only a partial? I always thought people follow the correct dose but I am seeing a lot of people making up their own does and treatment to follow. If you do not recommend this or you recommend something else what is it? I just want to prevent any of the fish from getting sick something safe for my loaches. Like I said everything seems fine so far but I cant take much more than this. I am about to clean up the tank and do about 20% water change. I also have about 9 live plants... needs to be plant safe THANK YOU

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