Patchy disease in Hillstreams

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Patchy disease in Hillstreams

Post by mytamhuyet » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:08 pm


I recently added 5 Gastromyzon sp. to my established tank and they are slowly dying off one by one. They appear to have the dreaded Patchy disease. After researching, it seems the only thing that helps is Maryacyn and Maryacyn-2, however apparently they are not available to me in Australia.

Is there anything else I can use to prevent the two remaining (apparently) healthy guys and the sick one?

I have a planted 4' x 1.5' x 2' tank, with a rivertank manifold using an AHJ-1121 powerhead (1400L/h) that has an air pump connected to it. I have sand as the substrate and a combination of driftwood and rocks.

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