Yoyo safe Hydra treatment

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Yoyo safe Hydra treatment

Post by Bigpupmom » Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:20 pm

Hi all. I just bought 4 YoYo loaches and love them. However I noticed some Hydra in my tank for the first time ever. May have hitched a ride in the little bit of LFS water. I have researched treatments that are safe for my Amano and Betta that share the tank (I have a mystery snail and Nerites and they will be removed prior to any treatments). I cannot find anything about which of the treatments are safe for YoYo’s. I have Planaria Zero and fenbendazole. I also saw something about hydrogen peroxide? 🤔 Any one able to help with what will be safe to use? We tried manual removal with little success. Heat is not good as I have no where to house all the fish while I use that method. Just have a small 3 gal tank I use as a hospital tank. Salt is also not good for loaches either. Any advice is appreciated 🙂

Bas Pels
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Re: Yoyo safe Hydra treatment

Post by Bas Pels » Fri Oct 09, 2020 2:36 am

Unless we are speaking about very small fishes (newly hatched, 3 mm or so), Hydra are harmless and will only steal a little food. Therefore I would do nothing.

I have heard Trichomopodus sumatranus (new genusname, hope I got it right) eat Hydra, but most likely this fish does not fit in your tank.

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