My New Oddball Clowns *pics*

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My New Oddball Clowns *pics*

Post by PASoracco » Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:28 am

I picked up six new clowns yesterday and they all have odd markings in some way. Two have four bars, one is missing his middle bar on one side and only has it partially on the other, two are puzzle piece/jigsaw patterned, and one has very thin bars and an unusually large gap between his 2nd and 3rd bars (I have an adult clown who looks very similar). They are all 1.5-2" TL, and after they settled in and got something to eat, are looking pretty happy; hopefully they'll all make it through QT and fatten up a bit in the process.

Here are some lousy pictures I managed to take today after our power came back on and before I ran to work. I'll try and take some more later.

the whole bunch in their bag yesterday

not a great shot, but you can see both of the clowns with four bars, one with puzzle piece markings sniffing at the big amano shrimp that lives in QT, and one of the new bleeding heart tetras in the background that is almost done with 4 weeks of QT.

one of the puzzle piece patterned loaches. you can also see one of the five zebra loaches who are finishing their QT peeking over the driftwood.

the other puzzle-piece clown, a zebra and a bleeding heart.

its a lot of new fish but my tank can handle it because I just gave a friend all of my pristella/gold pristella, white tipped and red eye tetras. The bleeding heart tetras will add to an existing school so I can have a more cohesive group of dither fish for my new tank. Also, I am making great progress on my new 180 gallon tank, so I may just hold everyone in QT an extra few weeks instead of moving them twice.

let me know what you guys think :D
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Post by JonasBygdemo » Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:12 am

I love oddball clowns! Me and my girlfriend bought fish for Valentines, but we decided to get oddballs so we could spot them after a couple of years in the tank. One has 4 stripes, and the other one is missing the middle stripe.

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Post by wasserscheu » Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:24 am

Very nice oddball. I thought to remember, there was a thread here that collects them, but could not find it doing a quick search, would be nice to see them all together...

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