Help me set up my custom clown loach tank.

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Help me set up my custom clown loach tank.

Post by MultipleTankSyndrome » Wed May 04, 2022 7:41 am

Some plan changes have been made to my custom clown loach tank. I'd therefore like to run said plans by the other active members to get some advice (advice on the other tank was very useful and much appreciated!).
Tank will be 2.44m (8' for US members) long, 76-91cm (30-36" for US members) wide, and 35-37cm (14-15" for US members) tall.

In case anyone wonders about the very shallow height, mine very much prefer to use length and width over height so I'm confident they won't find it an issue. redshark1's very large and old clown loaches also appear to find a 45cm (18" for US members) tall tank more than sufficient (I asked him), so even when mine get to the sizes redshark1's have reached, I still don't see height being an issue.

Stocking will be:

6+ clown loaches. Already have 6, considering getting a few more for the larger tank but not sure how many would fit.
60+ black kuhli loaches. Already have 24, want to get as many as possible for the larger tank so they are as confident as possible.
6+ yoyo loaches.
6+ horseface loaches.
Possibly 1 pink tail chalceus (I am considering moving the chalceus that will go in my other loach tank to this one when it is complete).

Thanks in advance for advice!
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473 liter (planned) - Burmese+yoyo+zebra+striped kuhli loaches, roseline sharks, Odessa barbs, pink tail chalceus

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