I'm new! Hi!

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I'm new! Hi!

Post by Fieldfare » Tue Feb 21, 2023 1:51 am

Hello, anyone still around? I miss forum life! I love this website so much, I've always had an affinity for certain loaches but I got my first group Sewellia lineolata a couple of weeks ago and I've learnt so much about other loach species as a result. Now I am addicted!
No doubt I'll be asking for advice.

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Re: I'm new! Hi!

Post by ch.koenig » Thu Feb 23, 2023 9:00 am

Hi (?)
Nice to see somebody new.
If you have questions on loaches you may ask in loaches-forum. Could be someone has answers :lol:
Cheers Charles

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Re: I'm new! Hi!

Post by sheilamanke » Mon Jul 10, 2023 3:17 am

Hi, I'm also a new member from Florida
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Re: I'm new! Hi!

Post by Pisces_student » Thu Oct 12, 2023 5:25 am

sheilamanke wrote:
Mon Jul 10, 2023 3:17 am
Hi, I'm also a new member from Florida
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Welcome to the forum.
I am also a new member here. My name is Seeraa.

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Re: I'm new! Hi!

Post by ganresult » Wed Nov 01, 2023 6:20 am

Hi all guys,
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Re: I'm new! Hi!

Post by mariahcarey » Mon Nov 06, 2023 9:34 pm

I want one but my current tank is not set up for a Hillstream Loach. I am thinking of getting a 40-gallon.mapquest

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