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Re: Suggestions. A small fish in a small tank

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 12:51 am
by Loachloach
Hey, just to let you know the loaches seem to be doing well. They're very active, their tails seem to be getting fatter. I can't see any dent on the algae/biofilm growing on the glass but the loaches are eating something around non-stop. I think they do love the cover of the plants.
One of them has claimed the front glass for himself and kicks around everything that approaches but others manage to avoid him and just keep away. He even dares kicking shrimp away :) I think he's the bosss :lol: No harm done, the rest just go around him. They're really funny when they dig the substrate. Their side fins start moving really fast and tiny grains of sand flies everywhere...

I am a bit worried as I am going away for 2 weeks and they'll get no water changes...

I have set up another tank which is running empty at the moment. I just dose ferts and I have some plants in it. I'll see if it grows any algae in time.

Re: Suggestions. A small fish in a small tank

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 8:27 pm
by NancyD
Arg, forgive my gallon vs litre tank suggestions, oops. Panda garras get too large for a 60l, I'd "read" 60g. They'd do well in the larger tank & are quite fun!

Your newest fish do look like beaufortia...of either type, I'm not good at IDs.

My sewellia, gastros & other fish enjoy Repashy Soylent Green gel food. I'm not sure where Alan ships outside the US (but I'm guessing by the litres/gallons, you're not in the US, lol).

Enjoy your holiday, less food = less need for water changes. The fish should be fine for at least up to 2 weeks, although my husband doesn't believe that! So we have a neighbor come over to feed M, W & F when we're gone.

Re: Suggestions. A small fish in a small tank

PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:51 am
by Loachloach
Hey NancyD. Thanks.

Just a little update on these guys.

During my absence I lost one of the loaches. I just found its remains being almost completely eaten by the shrimp. :(

I am not sure how and why but he rest however seem well and active from what I can see. The tank is very overgrown but there are constantly 3-4 of them on sight around the glass and substrate. The weather has been very warm here and the temperature of the tank water high but thankfully the fish are doing ok for now. They don't seem to have grown much since I purchased them though...Then again I haven't fed much. I have been feeding only about 4 times a week for now...They constantly graze on the green algae on the glass but they don't manage to clean much of it...Perhaps I need to start feeding a bit more other food now that I can up the water change...I have been slacking since the holiday and do one 80% water change a week only but I want to do also a few smaller more often.

The other tank I set up for them which runs empty of fish somehow got a severe blue-green algae outbreak. Everything was covered in it. I decided to block the light last week to it. I have to see today if that has helped. I won't be moving fish anytime soon it seems.Plus I am deliberating buying a larger tank and combining this and another 100-ish litre tank which holds only 5 old platies. It is way easier maintaining a larger tank and I have too many little tanks now...I think the platies will do well with the loaches temperature wise. I already lowered their heater to about 21C as there's no need maintaining high temps for these platies. They're are the last remaining bunch and I want no more platies :) Though I'll miss them one day...I've had platies for so many years....

Re: Suggestions. A small fish in a small tank

PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:00 pm
by NancyD
I have 1 tank that gets cyano in the heat & long days of summer, it gets a bit of sun for a short time. Excel (or Metricide) seems to help a lot dosed weekly after a water change. I barely have any (so far) this year, fingers crossed!