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aging kuhli

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:27 pm
by zmo63
I think I read that the kuhli lifespan was about 10 years? One of my kuhlis was given to me about three years ago, and the guy who had him before me said he'd had him for at least seven years (he'd outlived the rest of the group).

Even when I first got him, I always thought he looked old compared to my others. 'wrinkly' sounds weird to say about a fish, but it's true - it's as if his skin was just not as elastic as the others. His color has always been a bit duller as well.

The past month or two though, he's been losing weight dramatically. He's still very active, and I do see him eating, but he's looking skeletal.

I haven't done anything about it though. I really like this fish, and I guess I've been in denial that he might be reaching the end of his lifespan. All the other pangios in the tank are fat and shiny. They're in a 40 gallon jungle, and I think getting him out would be impossible.

I'm interested to hear from other people who might have geriatric kuhlis. I'm wondering if this wasting away is the normal way it goes, or if there's something I should be doing to turn things around.

Here's how he looked about three years ago:


And here he is now. He's skinnier than he looks here though (the camera always adds weight!)