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I'm back! And looking to start keeping loaches again!

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:30 pm
by botiaboy
Hey everyone! Because of our horrible move-gone-wrong,I haven't been able to get any new fish or set up any new tanks for over a year. Since the move also killed all of my fish except for 3 upside down catfish and a dojo loach (almost unavoidably unfortunately because of the circumstances), I have 4 empty tanks that have all or almost all of the equipment I need to set them up. We're not sure about my 2 55 gallons, but I'm deffinately going to be able to set up my 26 and my 150. I want to make at least 1 a loach tank but I doont know what kind(s) or how many I could get. Would it be ok to keep hillstreams in the 26? It has a particularly powerful filter(a fluval rated for up to 40 gallons) and I also have a powerhead rated for 30 gallon aquariums. Forgive me if thats a crazy idea; I never had hillstreams even before we moved and I'm a little rusty on my fish knowledge. For the 150 I was thinking maybe a large loach community tank-clowns, yoyos, etc., but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for any input! Now I also have a few questions about the hobby since its been... 2 years?... since I've been on the site or in the hobby. First off...has anyone managed to solve the mystery of breeding clown loaches yet? Also, have any of the sinibotia species become more readily availible? I looked for them for a while before we began moving but I never even came close to getting any. Thanks for your help and I'm glad to be back on the site!