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Bah...RIP little Dojo :(

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:01 pm
by Slither
We found our littlest Weather Loach (Dojo) dead inside a hollow ornament this morning :(

I just want to warn anyone with this type of Loach to NOT have ornaments that they can dig under and get stuck in. Dojos love to dig and bury themselves in the sand.

In my aquarium I have 2 log type hiding places in which my Dojos can easily go in and out of without getting stuck. I removed the hollow ornament this morning so my other guys don't get themselves stuck.

What I mean by "hollow" is that it's a ceramic decoration for an aquarium, meant for decoration purposes only and not meant for hiding (like my log ornaments are) The hollowed out ceramics often have a hole on the bottom so the ornament will fill up with water to avoid floating to the top....not ideal for digger/ hiding fish.

RIP "Cute". :cry:

ps. I really get emotional when one of my Dojos die...I love them so much because they really are like a pet and not just me anyways...they have personalities and eat out of my fingers!