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Bought - Aquaray controller plus grobeam tiles for loaches

Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:27 pm
by millsn
Just to say I've just bought these and am very pleased with them. I had to turn them down to 50% as the loaches didn't like the brightness.

they give sunrise and sunset effect which runs from 0-100% programmable. Mine's set at 1 hour to reach 100% and the same for sunset.

When you water change you can also hit a button and the strom effect is triggered. this darkens down to 10% over 1/2 hour then flashes the lights for 1/2 hr (which is very convincingly like lightning), then ramps the lights back up to 100% of your defined maximum over 1/2 hour.

Funny to see the fishes react. they went into hiding until it was all over then came back out. They didn't appear in any way stressed during the process.

I have two grobeam tiles on a 4' tank