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55 Gallon; ALL FISH & STAND Must Go; NEPA

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:48 pm
by ahmandi2
Hi! Well we're leaving and heading back home; back to the west coast. We're in Northeast PA. We have a beautiful 55 gallon tank and many lovely fish. It all has to go.
If worst came to worst, we could give the fish to a lfs; but I wouldn't want to do that with the loaches. The dojos (4) are completely bonded, and the kuhlis (3) have started to bond as well. I'm not sure if any lfs would be able to guarantee that all the dojos go together; and all the kuhlis must be kept together as well.
My dojos are "golden"; but two of the more recent girls have lovely, brownish swatches on their body / head. One has such a large spot on her head that she looks like she's wearing a realllly bad toupee. The other has less on her face, and a few on her tail.
Then there is the one male of the group; he's great. He's very amorous, but try as he might he can't get to that last important bit of spawning, lol. So they are dancing, dancing, dancing all the time. He's pretty bonded with Spot, one of the aforementioned girls.
Then....there's fatso. She is my biggest concern. She went through a horrible injury about 9 months ago; she got frightened and dashed away, straight into a rock. We don't know for SURE, but we're pretty sure that she' broke her spine. She couldn't swim. She used her head to drag herself along, and she was the most pitiful sight I've seen in my aquarium. We seperated her and put her in a small trap to keep her from moving, and hand fed her. We really dind't expect her to recuperate. But I couldn't bring myself to put her down; she's the oldest of the bunch and the only fish from when we first got this tank.
She got better! She's perfectly ne now; but she looks funny. She can't turn her neck completely, but she's swimming, eating playing and dancing just as much as the others. She simply has a bend in her body that wasn't there before. She's kind of ugly. She's my main concern.
SOOOO If anyone is nearby, I would not charge anyone for these fish, as long as the person who takes them knows about dojos and is a good caretaker. We have other fish too; 9 boesmani rainbows, 4 HUMONGOUS carndinal tetras; 2 otos; 3 hatchets. and of course, the tank....

Re: 55 Gallon; ALL FISH & STAND Must Go; NEPA

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:31 pm
by glenna
so sorry you have to break it down and rehome your fish. I wish I lived closer (not that I need any more tanks or fish!!)
Still, maybe a local pet store or aquarium society could foster your fish?
I am sure you thought about all that already.

do you plan to restart when you get back home?

Re: 55 Gallon; ALL FISH & STAND Must Go; NEPA

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:47 pm
by ahmandi2
Hi Glenna!
We are actually breaking it down and taking the tank/stand/deco with us. I have a probable home for the loaches (my main concern). The others we will have to take to a fish store about an hour away...ugh. or, theres' always the local pet store. I guess.
The people interested in the loaches are also interested in our plants; so that's great.
I doubt we'll be starting up again any time soon at the new home; my husband will be sent to another area for training in his new position; it will be 3-6 months per school; that means I'll be alone and I don't know if I want to deal with the tank set up and redo all by myself once he's gone...but we will have the equipment to do so, which is great.
Truly sad that our tank is healthier than it's ever been, no losses in ages, and we have to break it apart. Lol. we JUST did a yearly 100% teardown and cleaning!
As long as my babies are happy...that's truly all that matters. And I think they will be, with their new mommy (who I found here!).
Thanks for your response. I hope to someday return to this site....

Re: 55 Gallon; ALL FISH & STAND Must Go; NEPA

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:39 pm
by glenna
good luck!!

I will hope to hear from you again someday (?!) soon!!!