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Need help IDing a loach

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:08 am
by BlueElite
Hi! I'm new to posting on this forum, but i frequently go on the website and read the forum. I just recently made an account, anyway.I was at a local petstore. I asked the guy there what this loach was, and he told me it was "an eel thing." So i decided not to get it. Instead i wanted to get a second Yoyo Loach for my fish tank so my other Yoyo Loach had a companion. At the time I didn't realize but he gave me a different type of loach, or whatever this fish is. I can't really tell and i need help IDing it, I looked on the main site and i honestly cannot decide what it is. Some help on IDing this would be nice, because I'm so lost on what this fish is. Sorry the picture is upside down, I took it with my phone and that always seems to flip pictures when i send them to my computer.