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CO2 and hillstream loaches

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:11 am
by oddmole
I have an established 55 gallon planted tank with 3 sewellia and 3 gastros.
The tank has a stream manifold with 2 aquaclear 70s with an air pump connected to each venturi to add o2. I also have a external cannister filter with spray bar near surface

I currently am running DIY co2 and want to upgrade to pressurized co2 but im worried that the high turn-over and o2 will just cause too much co2 blow-off. Since I have higher 02 from the existing plants can i switch the air pump off during the day (leaving the powers heads on) without losing quality of life for my loaches? I know that these loaches really like high 02 water but i dont know how much 02 they need versus losing too much c02 for the plants.

Anyone run pressurized co2 with a river stream tank setup?