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chewed up sewellia fins

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:27 pm
by NancyD
I did a major weeding of my "riverish" tank yesterday & saw 1 of the male sewellia's fins are pretty chewed. I have them with leopard danios, gastromyzons & a stiphodon goby. The danios compete for food but I've never seen them nip at the loaches. The sewellias do scuffle at times, usually males chasing & "topping" females (they've bred at least twice). The chewed up 1 is 1 of the more aggressive sewellia but I rarely see the males fight or chase each other. The tank is next to my computer so I see them all the time.

I'm wondering if it may be 1 of the older original F1's I got 6+ years ago & that's part of the gradual decline of aging & losing status. The fins are not frayed, but are almost "scalloped" from missing bits...Either a sewellia or danio bite-size. I haven't seen the gastros lately...I don't know if they died out, they were adults almost 7 years ago.

What happens with aging hillstream loaches? I've see age decline in other fish but these are my first hillstream loaches. Any thoughts or experiences?