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Pustles on Chinese alg. eater & white patches

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:09 pm
by goshiki46
Hi . Can anyone help out? I have a chinese algae eater (2yrs now) and he's not been out much so I looked with flashlight when lites were off this a.m. . I saw him under rock & he has white pustles /growth on top of head & some erosion around eye. White patch on top of back. new arrivals? I added a angellicus loach 2inch to thee tank 3 mos ago. pretreated him with Mar 2/ Maracyn/ . 2 Clown loaches same tank have some white marks on face but not raised. Also a bit on back. Anyone see this on their loaches? Theyre 2 yr olds.
Qustion: Is levanisole safe for a planted tank? I suspect a worm. OR any suggests ?
>> I did addd a new piece of malaysian drftwood prewashed but had in a soaking tub 2 - 3 weeks outside COVERED & changed h20 weekly. Im suspicious that a parasite got in that way?? SLIM suspicion. Any Input much appreciated. Thanx alot!