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Female stiphodon...or not

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:55 pm
by shuwae
I was finally able to get photos of a stiphodon that I am not sure if it is a female or male.

I picked this one up with a group of stiphodon ornatus almost a year ago. I remember I had one exactly like this one too, in the past before I had to downsize before a move. Both photos are of the same goby I currently have in my tank. Is it a male or female? Maybe an alpha female making herself look like a male? This goby chases off the females but does not mess with the males I have. The rest of the females do not attack each other and are usually in a group together. Pretty sure others have had this happened too? I must not be the only one as this has happened twice to me when I purchased these stiphodon ornatus.

Photos of the goby I am talking about (sorry for the un-focus look of the second photo):