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Anyone that has any info. On Stiphodon goby fry

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:51 pm
by cristineb
Ok if anyone has any information or input on the best way to care for the fry please lmk. Aug. 13 I was feeding my Stiphodon goby tank there is the blue neon and the Stiphodon ornatus in the tank as I was feeding I noticed fry lots of them. I have pictures and video of them and they are still thriving and eating well but they have a slow growth rate as its been 3 weeks. There is no info. I could find other than they go through a marine phase before they go  into freshwater, But my tank is freshwater and it is strictly gobies. I have had the rhinogobius rubromaculatus fry in there before and these do not look a thing like the fry. so the only option would be the stiphodon goby's anyone have any info. if they have ever had this happen & how to make sure they are getting all their needs met plmk. I could not get the image to upload so i will add the link ... =3&theater