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Raised areas on Dojo Loach sides

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:05 am
by Sereya
Type of fish that are affected - Golden Dojo Loach, weather loach
* How long has the tank been set up for? - About 9 months
* Size of tank 40breeder
* How is the tank being filtered? - 4 double barrel air driven sponges
* Water temperature. - 71 degrees
* Your maintenance regime - 50%+ each week, sponges squeezed in safe water weekly
* Has anything new been added to the tank recently? - 6 weeks ago, 3 Dojo loaches (who passed 6 week quarantine) for a brief period of about a month a goldfish was in with them who is now being treated for flukes, prazipro has recently been added to the Loaches tank for the first week of treatment since he was in there with them.
* What other fish are in the tank? - 6 Golden Dojo loaches, mystery snail, nerites, ramshorn snails.
* As detailed a description as possible of the symptoms the fish are exhibiting - raised areas going in a line down the back half of my males
* How long ago the affected fish were added to the tank, and how long the fish have been displaying symptoms. - a few weeks
* Your current water parameters - ammonia, 0 nitrite 0, nitrates 5 at most. (Heavily planted with Java ferns)

2/sets of 3 loaches were put in the tank, originally 2 boys 1 girl, then 2 girls 1 boy several months later. The girls all seem great, nice smooth plump bodies and heads. The boys seem to have much smaller heads and a visible raised line running down their lower half on both sides.
They are all active and playful, healthy actions.
Pics will come

I've had them since they were about an inch long and almost transparent. The biggest is about 6 inches (Bertha) the smallest between 3-4 inches.

Is something going on with them?

These are one of the guys for an example of the raised line.


These are one of the girls


Bottom shows a girl and boy together for comparison


Re: Raised areas on Dojo Loach sides

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:22 pm
by Robbie
Hi, I am new on here, I've had weather loaches for about 9 years. Recently, about three months ago, I also had one devolve the same problem, sadly he died. Two days ago I noticed the oldest dojo in the tank has now also developed the same thing. I haven't made any changes to the way they are kept, other than cleaning the tank, filters ect. If any one has any ideas what's going on I am desperate to know. I've done a Google search and the only thing that comes up is this forum.
Thanks for looking