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Stressed Kuhli Loaches?

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 1:03 pm
by Dionysial
Firstly, I am a total newbie and this is my first tank, so I come without much foreknowledge.

When my 29gallon tank first finished cycling, I got three glowlight tetras as my first 'test' fish to make sure everything was groovy. After some time, that was working out, so I added five kuhli loaches. Everything was going really well with them, and I absolutely fell in love.

Recently, I picked up some more (cave) decorations and three more glowlights, plus six ember tetras.

The fish were put in a quarantine tank, while the decorations were placed in my main tank. Initially, my loaches were really explorative and seemed very happy with the decorations, no issues.
Once the new fish were taken out of quarantine and put in the main tank, my kuhlis' behaviour changed. I've not seen any issues with aggression between them, but the glowlights have been hanging out in the caves a lot, and my loaches seem to be spending more time in the open areas of the tank, frantically burrowing. Everything I've read about stress in kuhlis talks about lethargy, but mine are very active; they just don't seem happy.

Would getting more kuhlis (something I had been planning on) help, or would I just be subjecting more fish to a stressful existence?