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Poor golden dojo loach with wound(s)/tumor? (Photos)

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:40 am
by nxumdon
So my poor golden dojo loach has in the past three weeks developed this bump on its belly which has now in the last week split open and appears to have also spread to a second spot...really not sure what is going on as the other fish all seem ok. I cannot see anything eating her, nor is she flashing or anything strange...aside from being a loach and laying on weird spots, like they tend to do ;) I have another non-golden dojo loach and its doing fine. I initially thought it was impacted eggs as I've had this in another loach previously.

The tank is stocked with 1 large fancy goldfish (6 inch), 1 weather loach (10 inch), 1 albino loach (4 inch), 1 bristle-nose pleco (5 inch), 2 clown loaches (2-4 inch each) and many snails and shrimp are in this tank...which prevents use of many common meds.

I have a 80G freshwater tank running two eheim filters, one is a classic 2217 and the other a pro4 600. It is a lightly planted tank running with co2 injection. Bottom is black estes sand. Weekly water changes have been kept up and water seems ok, actual numbers I can get from test kit if necessary.

I've tried to lightly salt the tank in hopes of healing up the wound but it hasn't shown any positive change.

Tank has been setup for two years. Water temps are about 70-72F. Nothing new has been added to the tank.

Thanks very much