Treating Dojo with Ich

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Treating Dojo with Ich

Post by Sharkscott2 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:43 pm

I have 3 Dojo loaches and thankfully none of them have Ich.

However I was at a Pet Smart to purchase some air line tubing (I typically don't buy fish there but they're much closer then a true "fish" store). While there I looked at the fish they had. They had a few Kubotais which caught my eye but they looked bloated, possibly with worms, so I passed. They also had a tank of Golden Dojos. I've been looking to pick up a Golden Dojo to add to my gray and brown Dojos for 8 months or so. I took my time inspecting them some had mysteriously short barbles which I found disturbing and a few of them had white spots which I thought had to be Ich, maybe they were just odd markings, but I think it was most likely Ich. So I passed and just left with my tubing.

But I was wondering how would one treat a Dojo with Ich? Most medications I'm familiar with are not kind of scaleless fish (loaches). I've always been a fan of the 85 degrees and salt treatment for my other tanks. But I don't think Dojos would appreciate the high temps.

So as a hypothetical what would be the best treatment for Dojos with Ich?

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Post by Diana » Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:53 pm

Several of our members have found that Rid Ich seems to be well tolerated by Loaches.

Do not raise the temperature higher than the fish are comfortable with. This will make the treatment take longer because the Ich life cycle goes slower at cooler temperatures.
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